Pixhawk fails to boot - help (please)

In short, the Pixhawk fails to boot. Please see video here [youtube]http://youtu.be/bzCtYno7Qro?t=6s[/youtube]

I tried reloading firmware, which appears to complete successfully on my MAC APM 2.0 RC4. I still remain in the same state of failing to boot and unable to set parameters after the initial firmware load. However, I am able to connect to Pixhawk via terminal in the APM, but that’s about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I spent the last day reviewing all the forum issues, but this seems to be a slightly different variation of not being able to boot successfully.

Please help! Any suggestions? Am I missing something basic here?

Sorry I have not seen this until now.

Is this still an issue/

Please power up with the safety button pressed and force the I/O firmware to update

I had another look at your video. I think you may have the wrong cable for the GPS