Pixhawk + ESC Hobbyking

Hello, I am doing a project with pixhawk 4.2.8 and I have a HobbyKing ESC.
My question is if this ESC is not compatible with the pixhawk model because of when I test the engine (with mission planner) it does not work.
Thanks in advance.

That would be a Pixhawk 2.4.8 and any ESC that you will find at Hobbyking is compatible.

I have read this post (Ver post) where they comment about the problem I am commenting on. Also when I want to do the calibration of the ESC it tells me that it has to be a version of AC3.3 +.

From 2014? Not relevant.

This is not relevant either. Surly you are using Current Stable Arducopter which is 4.0.6.

I am using Rover V4.0.0 with FRAME_CLASS = 2 (for boat)

You are posting in the Arducopter thread… But compatibility is not an issue, you must have other problems. What ESC is it?

Tath’s true, sorry, I don’t realise that it is arducopter thread. There you can see the ESC image .

Looks old. What do you have MOT_PWM_TYPE set to? Should be 0.

Yes, the parameter is 0.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have followed quite a few tutorials and checked it several times and it should work fine

I’m going to explain the problem a little better to see if you can help me.
Currently, using the ardupilot wiki, I have configured the GroundSteering on pin “1” and the throttle on pin “3” of the pixhawk (MAIN OUT), it is verified that the parameters are well configured (in theory).
When I turn on the ESC, the steering servo starts to vibrate.
Then, I go to Mission Planner -> Optional Hardware -> Motor test, if I press the button to test motor C, the steering servo is activated at the percentage of throttle that I have set. However, the other buttons for testing the engine have no function and the engine no work.

Please post your parameters. This is a setup problem not a compatibility problem. Please accept that as a fact, and let the community assist you.
First thing I’d do is check the safety switch settings.

I accept that it is a parameter error. I am aware that I do not have enough knowledge and I am open to any type of help and I will contribute whatever they ask me to help me.
I attach the configuration file that I have in the pixhawk.
parameters.param (15.7 KB)
Thanks for all.

A should operate the Throttle (drive motor) and B the Steering servo.

Yes, the problem is that the steering servo goes well. But throttle doesn’t work.

Is the ESC programmed for Forward/Reverse?

The ESC was used with RC and only forward, but I haven’t change any parameter about it ( default boat configuration ) . However, test motor should work, right?

Try calibrating the esc.

I can’t, when I try I have the next message: “Set param error. please ensure your version is ac3.3+”

@jmedina update your MissionPlanner software and retry. This has nothing to do with the ESCs.

@amilcarlucas I have Mission Planner 1.3.74 is the latest