Pixhawk driver, power module SPI, firmware, bebop2,

I know the title is not good for this content, but sorry expert I am first time on this and kindly forgive for this.

I programmed pixhawk 2.4.8 using mission planner , but I do a mistake , I connect power module to SPI and also I upload bebop2 firmware to pixhawk. After this my laptop not detecting my pixhawk. So I tried to connect a apm2. 8 it work fine. And again I tried to connect pixhawk but no change still. It not detecting.
I tried to install CP… Drivers. But no change. At that time I noticed that my led on pixhawk IO B/E led is constand and the main led of pixhawk is constand partial red green and mainly blue (ligthblue)
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Well… If you want restore your fc you need re flash the bootloader on the main MCU and FMU

Can you please guide me to do that?

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The main big ic get very hot in less time

if the mcu get very hot its possible that it’s already damaged
In case its not damaged you need an st link for restore the bootloader of your board

If it damaged what next? And also how we can identify it damaged or not

You must try re flash the bootloader on the main MCU and FMU, and flash the the firmware you need. If the fc will boot means that it’s not damage, i suggest perform the calibration you need and make a test