Pixhawk does not boot occationally using antispark connector (XT90S) on battery

I am using antispark connectors (XT90S) on battery for spark protection. These connectors make first contact via a 5.8 ohm resistor in order to slowly charge large capacitors on ESC’s, and make full connection when the connector is pushed to the end. Thus sparks are eliminated.

Although this is good for eliminating sparks, Pixhawk boots normally at the first contact, when I push the connector further it looses connections and powers down. And occationally when the connector is fully inserted Pixhawk does not boot at all when there is stable 5V at the input.

I believe that quick powering power module on and off produces voltage spikes and PMU at Pixhawk does not boot occationally when voltage level is stably restored.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Best wishes,

sounds too strange.
I’ve used anti spark connectors, never seen such behavior.
can only assume you power it from a single +5v source ?

  • while it does not boot, I would have looked at the “5v” that is provided to it, maybe it’s over 5,6v , or lots of ripple. It’s more likely to be the switchmode regulator that provide 5v that goes bananas than pixhawk.