Pixhawk dead or bricked?

Hello all, I have problem with my pixhawk . Today i wanted to try newest beta firmware and it flashed through mission planner and at the end it prompted to wait until melody is heard from buzzer then click ok but my pixhawk stuck here on neverending long beep and IO B/E led is solid and IO ACT is blinking and safety switch is blinking fast. It wont connect now in mission planner but i can flash plane and copter firmwares but at end result is same as mentioned above. Also i find that when i connect in terminal in MP it doesn’t display mavlink data, only show nsh things i don’t understand . It doesn’t recognize sd cards and it won’t make any logs on SD. Is my board completly dead or there is a chance unbrick it ?

Try using a powered USB hub to power your Pixhawk during the loading of the firmware. The USB port on your PC/laptop most likely cannot supply enough current to the Pixhawk during the upload.
I power my Pixhawks with a homemade USB power supply that can supply 2 amps of current to the Pixhawk vs the 500ma or less that a standard USB port can supply.

Nah it was my fault I flashed bootloader from v1.7 board. After reflashing FMU with v2 bootloader everything works like a charm.

Hi, i have a similar problem. How do i flash the bootloader?