Pixhawk Cube pinout and mounting

Hi out there.
I confess I have never used a cube so I know zip about them. But I believe to use the cube you need a carrier board of some sort. If this is the case, does anyone know where one can get the information about the connector and mounting for the cube and the pinout for the cube.

I am curious how the connections are made to the cube. I have built a few customer boards for my drones and thought I would like to explore that with the cube in mind,

Cheers and thanks

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wow super thank you ever so much.

Have you seen any documentation that shows the mounting hole dimensions. I can’t seem to find that anywhere

It’s listed here


No that gives mounting for the Carrier board. I am looking for the dimension of the Cube mounting. The 4 holes that hold teh cube to the carrier board. Also anything that describes where the DF17(1.0H)-80DP-0.5V(57) connector is mounted.

Here is the drawings and files for the cube

Thanks Ian.
I had a look at those, but for what ever reason I can’t find the mounting hole dimensions. I am likely looking right at it and not seeing it.
But sadly I can’t find it.
What I am looking to understand is the DF17 connector placement as well as the mounting hole placement…but not having any luck.

Try in the CubePilot forum Ricky. I looked at the Altium files in the repository and didn’t see that info. I don’t have any Cube’s or I would just measure it…

Will do Dave.
I don’t have one either or would bung it on my scanner and sort it out. Might just have to get my hands on one.
Oh and thanks again for your help on that other thing. I am testing to drones tomorrow…so more logs that I could use your help with.

Cheers man

You could also check the diagrams for the CUAV v5+. It’s the same size

Reach out to @proficnc and I’m sure he will be able to help you.

If your designing a carrier you can also register it with them as well.

Hey Ian thanks man. Ya I saw the registration of the carrier board. Thats cool. Right now I am kicking around the idea. I have a quad I designed myself and with it designed a PDB. Thinking now that I could mod that design to support a cube directly. Reduce the amount of wires. I hate wires…WIRE = Accidents.

I can measure a cube up tomorrow if that helps but tbh in this case I would look at either just mounting the Carrier Board Mini direct or the board from Airbot systems.

Hi Ian
I am looking to design a drone specific carrier board so thats why I am curious about the dimensions. I think I will try to get my hands on one.


Does anyone know what the difference is between
Pin 72 IO_CH5_PROT (I/O PWM output channel 5) and Pin 58 FMU_CH5_PROT (FMU PWM output channel 5)
I am guessing one is Aux and one is not.

Also what these pins are for
27 VDD_5V_PERIPH_EN Enable voltage supply for Peripherals
55 VDD_BRICK_VALID Main power valid signal

@rickyg32 was this ever solved? I too cannot find the dimensions for how to mount the connector relative to the mounting holes