Pixhawk Cube Orange failure

I am using a Cube Orange with Here2.

As you can see from the video the drone can not take off. When I connect the cube to the mission planner roll orientation is wrong. What would be the problem? I did the calibration.


I posted this many times before, but here it is again: The right order is:

  1. Follow the tuning instructions
  2. do a dynamic notch filter tuning
  3. re-do the tuning instructions
  4. then do the arducopter PID control parameters autotune

The list above is on the documentation, and multiple times on this forum, but people keep on skipping steps :frowning:

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Did you perform a Motor Test in Mission Planner to determine if the motor order and direction are correct? When doing so make sure you understand the order it runs them in A-F. Read the NOTE and click the link on the Test screen.