Pixhawk Cube orange and Jetson AGX Xavier

I am operating on an octorotor (custom build from a local company) only from teleoperation since now. The octorotor has a Pixhawk Orange Cube mounted on the Kore multi-rotor carrier board (https://www.spektreworks.com/products/multi-rotor-pixhawk21-carrier-board) and communicates for the basic telemetry with the raspberry Pi 4.

I purchased an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier in order to integrate automation flight algorithms based on NN detection for feature tracking with a ZED 2 stereocamera.

The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier is set up (JetPack 4.4, CUDA 10.2 etc.), it has the basic ROS installation and the zed-ros-wrapper works well.

I now want to connect the Jetson with the Pixhawk. The guys that built the multi-rotor have given me cables coming from the SERIAL5 port of the carrier board in order to connect a TX, RX and GROUND cable for the communication.

I purchased a cheap USB to TTL cable like this one https://www.adafruit.com/product/954, i connected the cables and tried to run mavros apm.launch

The serial5 port on the carrier board is set up to speak with the cables and has a baudrate 921000 (everything from mission planner).

I also checked with an oscillator that the TX and RX cables give me pulse so they give information.

I also tried that cross connection of the cables (TX-RX and RX-TX, TX-TX and RX-RX)

All of the times when i run the mavros launch file for apm.launch with the right baudrate the rostopics where not published. It’s like there is dead communication.

I don’t know what else to try. Is there any more HW debugging you can recommend?

Is there the possibility the cable is not appropriate? How can i check this?

If everything is good HW-wise. what else can i check SW-wise?

I have not used the same hardware as you, so I can’t tell if there would be an issue there.

Each time I had a similar issue, it was because of wrong connection or wrong configuration.

Mavros is a little difficult for debugging, since not necessarily all topics are published to even when it works. I think it depends on your settings. It may be easier to see if you can connect with a GCS, e.g. mavproxy. After that I would try to verify that the correct serial port is selected and that the wires are connected correctly.

Hi, were you able to connect AGX Xavier with Pixhawk? Can you please share your approach?

Hello Ishan. I’m also looking for a way to interface Xavier with the Pixhawk Cube. If you have managed to find any way to do this please let me know. Meanwhile, if I stumble upon anything I’ll give you an update.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I had same problem with this, any idea how to fix the problem?, thanks.

I connected the cables on a cross selection (TX to RX and RX to TX) and i set everything on baudrate 921600.
We use serial5 port of the Kore board.
Sometimes when you run the MAVROS you have to tweak the stream rate real-time in order to see the flow of the data.