Pixhawk Cube Orange ADC pin number

I’m trying to map the analog pins in arduplane to the corresponding pin number. Does anyone know the pin number for the ADC pin here? Everything I can find in the docs and online suggests it should be 15, which works with my same setup on a Cube Black but not with the Cube Orange.


From Hwdef file.

I hadn’t thought to check those! I’m interested in the ADC port next to the TELEM1 port. That file includes the following

# And the analog input for airspeed (rarely used these days).

So now I have a point of reference for the pin. By going to libraries/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/hwded/scripts/STM32H743xx.py, I can see the virtual pin assignments for the processor

ADC1_map = {
    # format is PIN : ADC1_CHAN
    "PF11"  :   2,
    "PA6"	:	3,
    "PC4"	:	4,
    "PB1"	:	5,
    "PF12"  :   6,
    "PA7"	:	7,
    "PC5"	:	8,
    "PB0"	:	9,
	"PC0"	:	10,
	"PC1"	:	11,
	"PC2"	:	12,
    "PC3"	:	13,
    "PA2"	:	14,
    "PA3"	:	15,
    "PA0"	:	16,
    "PA1"	:	17,
    "PA4"	:	18,
    "PA5"	:	19,

I tried pin 8, and it worked! Thanks for your help!!

Do you think you could share your code on getting input from the ADC in arduplane? I’m trying currently but I am a bit confused. I was trying something like this.

ChibiOS::AnalogSource adc_input(8);
float level = adc_input.read_latest();