Pixhawk cube not recognised or responding when usb is plugged


I’ve recently purchased a pixhawk cube and when I connected it into every PC I had with every usb cable I had and nothing is recognised in the PC What is wrong with it?


It needs to be in a carrier or it will not work. If you just have the cube sitting alone outside a carrier, it will not even power up.

then how can you power it up externally?

I have this expansion board that exposes the pins to a breadboard:

What could be a work around?

The carrier does not need to be independently powered. The USB connection will power the cube, as long as it is in the carrier.

Yeah but what the carrier does to allow to power it?

I don’t know. But your expansion brd is not going to do it.

Hmm… Where could I find some info about it of how to enable it?

The schematics are on github.

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Been looking for those for a long time as well thanks! all I could find before was the schematics for the carrier board.

You must rout the 5v from the USB to the 5v in if you want to use your breakout…

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Thanks that’s what I was looking for!