Pixhawk Cube Integration to DragonLink Receiver

We are trying to get the 1000 mW Large Dragon Link receiver connected to the Pixhawk Cube. We have the Dragon Link receiver connected to the transmitter and signals are going from the Transmitter to the receiver. We can see servo activity on the output pins of the Receiver pins 1-4 (for testing). We have Pin 12 setup as S-BUS and we have all 8 channels setup for the PPM/S-Bus out. We have the receiver hooked up to the RC-IN of the Cube, but we cannot see any movement through the servo motors on the output side of the cube. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

did you find the solution?
i am also trying to make the Pixhawk cube work with the Dragonlink system but i have the smaller receiver than the one you have but i guess the setup should be the same for both