Pixhawk cube explanations?

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Just wanted to ask the experts what are the differences between pixhawk 2.1 VS pixhawk 2.0

and why the 3dr cube in here: https://store.mrobotics.io/product-p/3dr-cube-2.0-mr.htm
costs 60 dollars less than proficnc cube in here: http://www.proficnc.com/system-kits/79-the-cube.html

Thanks for helping.

The 2.0 cube was made for the Solo and is nearly 3 years old. The bootloader is equally old, and doesn’t always play nice with modern ArduPilot firmware. It will eventually load, but not without some hiccups along the way. Support and upgrades for the 2.0 basically ended when 3DR ended the Solo. mRo sells as a replacement for the Solo in case a solo user needs spare parts. Not something I think would be intended for DIY vehicle use. You could, and people have. But not recommended for the reasons above.

The 2.1 is modern, has, more sensors, better sensors, and a heater. It is actively supported by the manufacturer and designer, and the ArduPIilot dev team. And is essentially the flagship open source autopilot. If you’re building an ArduPIlot based vehicle, you want the 2.1.

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MRo is a replacement cube for 3dr Solo.
Proficnc 2.1 cube is an upgraded design, came after 3dr exited the hardware game so is most current version.
They also do an upgraded 2.1 green cube for the Solo which until recently was the only way to run latest firmwares.

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