Pixhawk cube black

Need help.

I am unable to connect my pixhawk to my laptop. it shows as “cubeblack” in device manager under other devices. when I look at its driver it says no driver installed. I need it on a COM port for MissionPlaner or Qgroundcontrol. I have tried updating the driver but it can not find one.

Please help!


Try Linux, no driver hell, and it just works.

The Cube Black is just a Pixhawk 2.1, rebranded and with the USB ID’s changed. If Windows can’t seem to figure that out, you’ll have to use Linux. If your computer has sufficient drive space you can put a Ubuntu 18.04LTS install disc in it, partition your drive to put your Windows on half of it, put linux on the other half, and dual boot to either operating system. Once you get Linux running on it, download QGroundControl and you’ll be in business. No com ports to worry about, no drivers to worry about, it “just works”.

Windows works fine. Just un-install MP and re-install it again.

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During re-install of MP the driver will install as well. But you might to have to accept the needed driver install. Look out for that. It could be hidden behind the MP install window. Good luck