Pixhawk cube black schematic diagram

Dear all
Am planning to design pixhawk .so i need pixhawk cube hardware schematic diagram. Can u share the document of schematic diagram
That might be help me build the pixhawk

It sounds like your getting a little confused on some of the hardware and frankly it’s not surprising as the naming has been a mess.

The Cube is not a Pixhawk in the sense of the original PX4 hardware design and controller with the Pixhawk branding by 3DR. The Cube Black is based off the original PX4 FMU hardware standard for its FMU however it’s not directly the same and has taken its own path in many areas.

There are many controllers like this and directly based on the various FMU design specs that there are now.

For the open Pixhawk hardware standard you can find Information here https://pixhawk.org/

You will also find ProfiCNC, CUAV and others do also publish their own drawings on their websites for their designs when they are open however the Pixhawk standard is where you should start.

Whatever you are designing some Cube Black stuff here. It’s not Open.