Pixhawk Crash complete shut down


I am using this copter quiet a long time. Now it just fell down stopping all rotors mid flight.

Could someone check my log file if there is something to discover and solve?

I think about a battery issue but I am not able to read the logs right.

Thank you for any help on this


Your CURR.Vcc drops precipitously at the end of your flight. In fact, it
falls off a cliff to below 4.7V. Your PixHawk is not going to like that
at all. That sort of drop would certainly explain PixHawk stopping.

Also. Turn on arming checks. :slight_smile:

         "name" : "Truncated Log",
         "results" : [
               "evidence" : [
                  "Final altitude 573.390015 metres",
                  "Takeoff altitude 556.969971 metres",
                  "Final relative altitude 16.420044 metres",
                  "Vehicle still flying",
                  "Low AutoPilot Voltage (4.00 < 4.60"

Hi peterbarker,

thx for your answer.

Does this come from the lipo? What shall I do? I don’t want to see that happen again after repair…



Assuming you only have one battery on board - yes, it comes from the LiPO, probably via a BEC or power brick.

The simplest way to avoid this is to enable (and configfure correctly!) the battery failsafe. I can see that it is currently misconfigured - you are flying on 6S and the FS_BATT_VOLT is 10.5 - suitable for a 3S setup.


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Hi peterbarker,

thx. I will check that. I was flying with 4s…

thx a lot