Pixhawk controlled thermostat for batteries

What are your solutions for flying drones in cold weather? I know the temperature of LiPo/LiIon cells can really effect their capacity. Once you get much below 0C, you’re looking at a very real performance degradation.

One idea to keep them warm would be a heating element in the battery bay. This sounds great, but you would need to very careful to not cook your batteries or you could have another problem entirely. Has anyone ever used a Pixhawk type flight controller to control the temperature of a heating pad in the battery bay alongside a temperature monitor so as to not get them too hot?

Or maybe the easier solution is to just keep the batteries warm perhaps inside of a truck before taking them outside to put them in the drone.

I would love to know what solutions you all have come up with!

Thanks for any help

  • Asher

You can buy “battery warming bags”. Just google for it.

Yeah that seems to be a good option. In your experience is having the batteries at a warm temperature at the beginning of the flight “good enough” so that you don’t need a way to add heat to them during the flight?

Thanks for the reply