Pixhawk constant transmitter failsafes, Plane Crash

Self fabricated, 7kg, 2.6m wingspan, partially composite plane.

First small completely manual flight (just takeoff and land) with a flysky 9x transmitter and reciever set, it was a very short flight, everything was fine.
We thought we would test with pixhawk, as it has failsafe options and we didnt want to crash the plane.
We used the same transmitter and receiver set for flights with parrot plane and a quadcopter. It was giving failsafes but not at short range, it was losing signal (short failsafes) at around 300 to 500 meters. We knew the transmitter or reciever is bad, but thought the failsafes would take care if anything happens.

First flight with pixhawk – takes off smooth, instantly loses signal, starts short failsafe(circle, but not sure if it was doing what it was supposed to do) , still no signal, starts long failsafe (rtl). rtl altitude is 50 m. It starts behaving weirdly but holds altitude. Meanwhile the mission planner was shouting at me “failsafe”, “msg off xxxx”. had to switch to manual mode to land as there was no other way, i switched to manual from mission planner, instant crash.

from my knowledge of checking logs, i can tell that it didnt have signal while i switched to manual. the pilot told me he didnt have control,but from log, there was control for a few seconds.

Can someone please inspect the logs and tell if it is completely a radio problem or the pixhawk is not behaving as it should?? We are getting a new radio set anyway.
Here is the drive link for both telemetry and pixhawk log files.
Thanks in advance

If you had switched from the TX then you would have known if that radio link was good. I always make sure my panic modes are set on the radio that I have in my hand at all times. Bad luck I hope you come right. I will let cleverer folks interpret your logs.

Yeah, we should have done that. We thought the gcs link was perfect, so we would switch modes from that, did not set the mode channel on tx. I’ll keep in mind next time.

PS: Please rotate the image before upload, my neck can’t take it :-p