Pixhawk connect to powerful linear actuator

Hi everyone, i’d like to know if is possible to connect Pixhawk PX4 with a powerful linear actuator like this:
I need this actuator to steer my rover. How can i connet this actuator to Pixhawk?
thanks a lot
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If you want to use that like a position servo, then you would need to get a servo amplifier. It would be easier to use one ready made. I think these might work direct with standard RC signals


thank a lot, could i connect sevocity actuator direct to pixhawk with Gold-plated connector?

You will need to read the data sheet. I think these are designed to be powered from a separate 12V supply. I wouldnt try to power a servo this size from the Pixhawk, since there could be a lot of noise from the servo power supply into the Pixhawk power supply. To plug into a Pixhawk, you should remove the power lead from the 3 pin servo connector, then the PixHawk only supplies the control signal to the servo, not the power. Ideally I would use a digital isolator ( opto isolator) between the pixhawk servo signal and the servo. That will cleanly separate your servo power and gound from the Pixhawk power and prevent issues such as ground loops and spikes entering the Pixhawk circutry.
This optoisolator might be suitable

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Thank a lot, in your opinion is possible use this configuration with RTK Reach? i need a rover with slow velocity and centimeter accuracy. Thank a lot

I dont know. I dont see that it would interact in a bad way, but I dont know the status of RTK Reach in ArduPilot

I have written some code for a PIC18F2221 that has PWM input and controls a stepper motor.

The processor doesn’t control the stepper motor directly, but uses one of the cheap (EBAY) stepper motor drivers that is used in 3D printers. The processor provides STEP and DIRECTION to the stepper driver. There only limit to the size of the stepper motor that can be controlled is the size of the driver.

On power up, the stepper goes to the HOME position (as sensed by a microswitch or opto-interrupter) and then goes to a position based on the PWM input.
The ratio of PWM to steps can be easily set in the code, so that virtually any number of steps (currently 65535) can be used to represent 2 mSec… The step rate can be controlled as well.

Reply if you are interested.

thanks for your advice, now i’m evaluate my project, in the future i’ll know if i’m interested in your device.
Now i’d like to know where i can buy a new original Pixhawk with gps receiver, telemetry, RC receiver, battery all inclusive and ready to go?
Thanks a lot

Goog morning everyone, someone know if any shop online sell all these items all together?

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Look here for the best electronics http://www.proficnc.com/ and if you find all you need in one distributor-
Looks that you are posting a multicopter setup in a Rover post about linear actuators, it’s better response if you open your post in the correct place, :wink:

thanks a lot, multicopter setup in a rover alredy exist? i can’t find it, shall i create a new post in this section “Ardurover miscellaneous”?

i consult the store you advice me, very interesting, in your opinion for a rover is better using Pixhawk standard (like the one above in the picture) or new Pixhawk2?

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I have the pix 2 in my wishlist for a rover, better compatibility with RTK HERE for better accurate gps. What is your proyect? mine is to automate a mini lawnmower tractor one day.

Hi, i’d like to control a little caterpillar tractor but i don’t know how to connect and control the steering actuators to pixhawk.

i have to control two levers, the left one for turning left and the right one for turning right.

Perhaps you can find interesting info here: http://diydrones.com/group/ardurover-user-group/forum/topics/apm-rover-in-tractor-setup

thanks a lot, in your opinion if i bought this items (https://it.aliexpress.com/item/PX4-PIX-2-4-8-32-Bit-Flight-Controller-433-915-Telemetry-Neo-M8N-GPS-Minim/32759523206.html?scm=1007.13338.50051.0&pvid=a9ad8d71-db51-4be8-bb13-f72c4c791e93&tpp=1) and i connect with linear actuar this way could be work?

thanks a lot

Hi @skyscraper as you have mentioned about using servo amplifier, is it still available, since this post is 5 years ago.
Does pixhawk (Cube orange or Cube Black) support linear actuators? Since I have been facing the same issue with regards my rover.
Thank you in advance.