Pixhawk connect to automated steering motor

Hi everyone, i’d like to know if is possible to connect a gear motor directly to pixhawk to equpped my lawnmower with automated steering and control it with mission planner software.

How can achieve this? Someone know if does exist a gear motor ready to connect to Pixhawk?
Thanks a lot to everyone.

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Hi, i think i could use a gearbox (like this www.servocity.com/bm-805mg-400-servo-gearbox) to connect with my steering wheel, has someone try it?

I’ve used large servos to steer full size vehicles with the pixhawk. It works perfectly. I assume your steering motor is already set up like a servo?

Hi, yes it’s alredy assembled and set up like a servo but i think it could be undersized to move the tractor steer. For curiosity where you buy your large servos? and how you connect it with Pixhawk?
Thank a lot for your answer