Pixhawk conect mission planner via UDP

recently,i am trying to connect pixhawk to MP(1.3.30 & 1.3.41…) via UDP. i can get some parameters in MP interface,but can’t the full parameters.it just hangs in the screen of “getting parameters” with no parameters return.
here is my links:laptop connect to a "Network port to the serial port device"via network port, then from the network device’s serial output port connect to pixhawk telem1.however i have setted the network device correctly.
after all, i open MP_1.3.30,select UDP,input host port 8234(was setted by me),and i click ‘connect’,it can distinguish the UDP signal that comes from pixhawk but then it hangs…
i also doult the “Network port to the serial port device” not receive data from MP, so i connect a “usb-to-serial device” to network device’s serial output port ‘TX’, as i doult it got nothing…so this is the real problem,i think…
so,why not the MP send data to my network device???:slight_smile:

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If you could share how you connect the Pxhawk’s serial port to a UDP socket, it would be helpful. There are many ways you could do this and it’s not clear how you make the connections.

I suspect that it’s due to how your serial data is framed over UDP. Mavlink over UDP requires each mavlink message to be its own UDP packet. If you simply bridge a serial port to UDP without breaking up the mavlink messages into their own packets, MissionPlanner will not understand the UDP messages.

I’d suggest using Mavproxy to act as pixhawk to UDP bridge, if you aren’t already. It will properly handle the message framing.

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Reviving an old thread, sorry… Is there a good guide out there on using MAVProxy as a bridge? Having similar issues with a serial radio we’re trying to integrate. Would this take something like a raspberry pi between the Pixhawk 2 and the airborne radio?