Pixhawk circles in Loiter mode

Hello, All

I have Pixhawk installed on DJI F550. Everything works fine except loiter…it circles. Compass is external and it far away from DC source & cables.
D = 0.015

Could you help me find the problem?

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Your magnetic offsets: -13.00, 18.00, 134.00
Correct magnetic offsets: 33.91,-90.73,255.13
Motor interference: ~5-7% at hover throttle (good)

If you do the Auto Analysis of your 62.bin log with mission planner, you get this message:
Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (39.57%)
Max mag field length (650.92) > recommended (550.00)

So you compass is impacted by magnetic field of your motors/cables. Probably your compass is still too closed to your motors and cables. Do also the compassmot to limit the issue if not already done.

To clarify, you can get that failure when the offsets are wrong as well. I suspect you don’t have bad interference - compassmot won’t hurt though.