Pixhawk camera gimbal tilt not working

Dear DIYDrones friends, I set up my Tarot 680 with Pixhawk. When I connect my servo gimbal as per the instruction, the tilt gimbal servo is not working. Roll servo work fine. It seems that the servo didn’t even receive power from Pixhawk because the servo can move freely by hand. I try to plug to other port and set it accordingly, now it have power and hold position, but no stabilise function.
Is this a firmware issue or something that I’ve set wrongly ? Thanks for your help.

Can you post a screenshot of you gimbal setup in Mission planner. Its likely the case you are using the wrong output pins. The APM gimbal servo sends commands to the same set of pins as the motors (main out) not the aux out as you would expect. I had similar issues setting up a gimbal.

Did you follow these Wiki instructions for setting up your gimbals http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-optional-hardware/common-cameras-and-gimbals/common-tarot-gimbal/

He has a Pixhawk not an APM.


I somehow solve this issue by putting the pitch servo to AUX 3. All other setting as per WIKI. But WIKI clearly said it should plug to AUX 1. I’m confuse.