Pixhawk buzzer sounds from F4/F7 FCs?

On my 4th install of Ardupilot I was totally surprised by the buzzer suddenly playing the full set of Pixhawk sounds (https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-sounds-pixhawkpx4.html#common-sounds-pixhawkpx4). Previously I only had single beeps of varying length.

I assumed this was due to using this buzzer I hadn’t used before: http://www.mateksys.com/?portfolio=2812-bh#tab-id-1 , so I got another one of those and installed it on another build in the same way. Only this time again it only beeps, no sounds with varying pitch.

So I’m wondering if this is due to different FCs used. I get the full sound set with Holybro Kakute F7 AIO, but i not on Matek F405-CTR (and I never had any Pixhawk sounds on F405-WING either, albeit with other buzzers).

If yes, the question is if it’s due to differences in hwdef that could be changed (athough I couldn’t since I’m no programmer) or different abilities of the FCs (like maybe sending PWM to the buzzer for pitch information).

Thanks in advance for any hints.


I tried to use a buzzer on Matek F405-STD with Copter ver 4.0.5. Sorry no success. Is this in the FW?

Hwdef file says yes.

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Tnx, I hoped for sound like on a Pixhawk. Guess I have to buy a 5V active buzzer and get a beep. I connected like the schematic said. Buz- to the black cable on the Pix-buzzer and 5V to the red. Thought this buzzer would work (?3-27V). Do I need like this type? http://www.mateksys.com/?portfolio=dbuz5v
Its just for fun Dave :slight_smile: I will shorten cables and hide it all in a small box in the end. As is now is fine for testing. Is the pin PC13 / 80 the one marked Buz- on the board?5v active buzzer

To get what you want I think you need a timer attached to the pin and PC13 does not allow you to do that - so my guess is that for this board you have to make do with beeps

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Can I look forward to fancy sounds on H765-WING? Because I have one ready for next season.




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