Pixhawk Board not detected :(

Hi everyone. I need your help because I’m a little desperate! I bought this pixhawk 1 board (2.4.8) from an aliexpress reseller called Ready2Sky.
All came in the box quite nicely but the board itself doesn’t work at all. The moment I connect it to any computer (tried with multiple) the board isn’t detected, and I mean detected (not recognized). The computer doesn’t pop any new hardware found at all. There are no beeps from the board, and even though someone pointed out that it could be the cable that is not a data+charging cable, I’m sure the one I’m using is. Somehow, however power is being pushed to the boatd as when i plug it in i get FMU PWR lights steady IO PWR and B/E lights steady ad ACT light fashing. However that is it. No beeps, no central light and most importantly, not detected at all by the computer. I’m really sad this is happening. I tried contacting the reseller and he asked if I could reflash the firmware, well i can’t because the board isn’t even detected. I tried putting the firmware files on the SD card provided and power the board with the safety switch pressed but all i get is both power lights on and IO B/E flashing rapidly, and then that’s it. Oh this is so frustrating. I’m getting so frustrated because I had to wait about 2 months for the board to arrive at my door. ! Will anyone be my angel of salvation with this one??? Thank you so much in advance.

Did you install Mission Planner with all the drivers?

What you get is what you paid for.
A real Pixhawk1 basic set without gps costs around 199usd (https://store.mrobotics.io/Genuine-PixHawk-Flight-Controller-p/mro-pixhawk1-minkit-mr.htm)
At aliexpress you pays less than 50usd for the same.
Guess where they cut cost… component quality and component count, plus quality control.

It is very likely your Pixhawk is a dud , all you can do is to complain at the store, if they are a good one they will send you a replacement or give a refund…

You can open it and check the usb connector for bad soldering or shorts, perhaps you will be lucky.

I did… And reinstalled everything with no luck.

That’s what I’m doing at the moment. Thanks for the tip anyway… I still want to believe that there’s a solution that I’m not getting.

I have the same problem my pixhawk 2.4.8 is not detected by computer, please help me…

do you have access to a linux ?
if you have connect pixhawk to computer and run lsusb in terminal then send the result

I have window 10 and the central main LED does not blink

No usb or com port show on device manager

does it turn on from power module port or servo rail ?

Yes it is on from power module

so try to connect with this usb port

Actually it strat from power module but main LED is not blinking and buzzer also not sound

do you uploaded any firmware ?
also check this post

amigos porfavor si lograron encontrar solución me ayudan porque tengo una placa con el mismo problema. De hecho está estaba funcionando perfectamente y al día siguiente quedó Asís. No realice cambios no la conecte al pc solo quedó así de un momento a otro.