Pixhawk BLHeli_32 Telemetry Current not showing

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I have BLHeli_32 esc’s working on the Pixhawk. Passtrough for programming works Telemetry is shown (wireless) in Missionplanner an Qgroundcontrol . The only thing not showing up is the Amps of the motors. Is there an extra setting needed somewhere ?. The ESCs are " Skystars Talon32 Slim40A 40A BL_32 F3 3-6S ESC " .

BLHeli_32 esc’s on Pixhawk

Those ESC’s don’t measure current, so don’t send it.

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Thanks James for the answer. Where did you find this knowledge ?. I cannot find any documentation about these esc’s.

Ah,…Fond it !..My BAD :slight_smile:

Brand name: Skystars
Item name: Talon32 Slim40A ESC
Input:3-6 Cell LiPo
Continuous Current: 40A
ESC Telemetry: Yes
Current Detection: No
Firmware: BLHeli_32
Dimensions: 9x37.5x5.8mm
Weight: 6.8g