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Pixhawk Barometer Initialization Error

Hey everyone,

I have a Radiolink Pixhawk that will not connect to Mission Planner nor go through preflight checks because the barometer is failing to initialize. I am getting the error NO BARO SENSOR and Check BRD_TYPE.

I have already gone through troubleshooting, so I am quite certain it is the barometer.

I know the barometer can be replaced, but I am not certain of where I can buy the MS5611 barometer and I am not 100% on the soldering process for it. Has anyone had to do this before or knows where I can find out?


Radiolink’s Pixhawk uses a modified version of Mission
planner, and software to control the althold/barometer etc…

I have used many Radiolink Pixhawks on my drones and they work with Mission Planner and ArduPilot builds just fine. I’m asking about how to replace the barometer.


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