PIXHAWK - BAD GYRO HEALTH - what the hell is this?

have OEM Pixhawk , OEM GPS with magnetometer all mounted on X - quadcopter and not even maiden.
I am afraid to arm it because all kinds of warnings pop up:
at first it was HIGH GPS HDOP ( I can understand that ) , then ALT DISPARITY – so crazy shit and now new : BAD GYRO HEALTH. In Mission PLanner all artificial horizon is all over the place even when my quad is stationary, and it will fail on all attempts of accelerator calibration. check the the picture!

I have no idea what to do

firmware 3.2 release 10

Reload the FW, re calibrate it and see if its all there then.

Yesterday what I did :
I had release 3.1 r? (cant recall ) and I updated to 3.2 r10 and now Accelerometer calibration FAILS everytime I do it , and BAD GYRO HEALTH. I will try previous releases or STABLE release and email back .

delete the SD card, and delete the software.
software anew load and calibrat

delete the SD card, and delete the software.
software anew load and calibrat[/quote]
will do today evening ( EST ) and let you know.

bad news:
I removed SD card, formatted the card, installed back connected battery to Pichawk via power module , connected via usb to mission planner . Horizon seems to be ok , so I go compass calibration - OK, I do accel calibration and again, BAD GYRO and horizon is upside down . And accel CALIBRATION FAILED.
When I tired to load firmware it says it is already installed.

so as far as me it does not work.

follow up on the problem I was having with PIXHAWK:

  1. I went back to stable version : 3.1.5
  4. STILL when I connect battery to PIXHAWK my GYRO SHOWs that copter is not horizontal - BUT no warnings.
  5. When I press RESET button on the side of the PIXHAWK at 80% of the time flight controller boots up normally and all is good. Then I test fly it all is fine. Then I plug another battery and artificial horizon is all over the place until I RESET manually.
    I am not sure if I do something wrong or this PIXHAWK is full of bugs?

There’s a couple things you can look for,
If using GPS, make sure you’re using 6 wire cable and not 5 wire one (for APM) as this can trip out the board.
Assuming accelerometer can be successfully calibrated, go to the status tab under the heads up display and check az value when leveled. If you do not get -1000 or close to that value, gyro chip might be faulty.

We too had the same problem. One minute we were flying fine and then we replaced the battery and hell broke lose :frowning: :frowning: . It started with bad compass health, then it elevated to bad gyro and then ended up with bad accelerometer (caliberation failed). All this was done when we had connected a 6s LIPO battery. So we decided to try in the absence of an electric field by simply connecting the Pixhawk board to a PC and then configured it. And it worked just fine :sunglasses: :sunglasses: . All the above problems were fixed. So we suggest to shield the board from the electric field. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would suggest checking out this post regarding this exact issue.
diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixha … cting-data
It’s a very long post but the crux of it is that 3.2 introduced the use of both on board IMUs, and one of them has power supply issues on some pixhawk clones, so it’s output fails (usually when a new lipo is connected to start a 2nd flight) . One work around which I know from personal experience works, is that on disconnecting the lipo at the end of each flight, short out the battery connector of the drone to discharge capacitors on the pixhawk, then remove the short, connect the new battery and all should be good.

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