Pixhawk AutoTune crash


My hexacopter crashed a few days ago and I cannot find out why exactly. It was after I tried to autotune it, I don’t know if it could be the reason. Here is a list of things I found out during the flight and in the flight logs:

1: At the end of the flight, the copter’s roll wasn’t responding at it should have.
2: It disarmed at the end of the flight because the crash check activated.
3: I checked the servo power rail and it seemed fine.

I know why it crashed (crash check), but I don’t know what happened to the roll of my copter for it to fail.

I joined the flight logs via a DropBox link from the Pixhawk and I hope you’ll be able to help me.
Firmware on the Pixhawk is AC3.4.6

Thank you

There is no CURR in the log.
Do you have the Battery Sensor hooked up and calibrated?

What size Hex?
Build details?

You seem to have a mag deviation that mirrors your roll almost exactly.
Have you done the compass/motor calibration?

The roll is overshooting and ringing for the whole flight.
Are you using the default parameters?
Have you set the AUTOTUNE_AGGR parameter?

No I don’t have a current sensor, because the ones I had weren’t powerfull enough, but I ordered one and it should arrive soon.

I have an Tarot 680 Pro with 33cm long blades. 2 8000mAh 6s were plugged.

No I didn’t do the compass/motor calibration, I wanted to do the autotune first, but next time I’ll do the compass/motor calibration in first.

I pretty much have the default settings and the AUTOTUNE_AGGR is set at 0.1 (agressive), because on the AutoTune page of ArduPilot, it was written to set it at 0.1 to begin.

Thank you for your help!