Pixhawk arduplane firmware RCMAP does not work

I have a pixhawk with arduplane firmware and since it uses PPM I cant just switch the wires from the receiver to the auto pilot to re map or assign the channels like you can on the APM 2.X.

currently the input channels are mapped as follows on the pixhawk

transmitter > pixhawk

throttle > aileron
rudder > rudder
elevator > throttle
aileron > elevator

I tried using the RCMAP parameters but they don’t seem to have any effect even after a reboot of the pixhawk. Its as if it ignores those values completely

any ideas ?

Please refer to plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/ardupla … Parameters

Hi guys,
For what it’s worth, I did a quick experiment by changing the RCMAP parameters with two versions of firmware connected to my Pixhawk:
a) ArduCopter V3.1.5 Quad
b) ArduPlane V3.0.3

I used Mission Planner to make the changes in both cases. In both cases, I was able to verify the parameter changes were successfully written to firmware after rebooting the Pixhawk and reconnecting via Mission Planner.

The changes take effect as expected when with AdruCopter firmware (expected changes seen in Radio Calibration test), but have no effect when running ArduPlane (no effect seen in Radio Calibration test, or in actual servo motion when running in Manual mode).

It does appear that something is broken in ArduPlane V3.0.3. Has anyone else experienced this?