Pixhawk appears to have some reversed controls [video]


I’m not sure what is going on. I’ve checked that the motors are connected in the correct order.

I’ve checked in Mission Planner that the calibration was done correctly.

I’ve checked that my radio doesn’t have reversed controls.

Any ideas?

[color=#00BF00]Software/config issue, moved to copter forum[/color]

You say the pixhawk is responding correctly to stabilise the quad so could you not just reverse the channels on the dx8?

This could be a solution. However, my other drone does not require the controls to be reversed. To me, this indicates that I’ve done something wrong with the Pixhawk, so I’d like to sort that out if possible.

There is no standard for how the controls work. I have several of my controls reversed so that they work in the direction I want them to work in.

If you built an airplane you might have mounted your servo upside down and would also need to reverse the channel to get it to travel in the direction you needed it to otherwise you would just use the control in the opposite direction. Your brain can learn almost anything given enough time.

On a NAZA controller increasing values causes the copter to pitch down and on the Pixhawk it pitches up.


Ok, thanks for the help.