Pixhawk and telemetry radio, gps, pixflow

As a newbie I am guessing that the pixhawk is newer and better than the PX4 suite for example.
I see that the pixhawk is listed first and is more expensive, but I would really like to know more before I buy other than the fact that it has more memory.

  1. Can I use a 433 3DR radio with it?
  2. Can I use the GPS with external magnet sensor I got with my APM 2.6? store.3drobotics.com/products/apm-2-6-kit-1
  3. Could I later use a PX4FLOW camera with it if I wanted?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Alex,

I just got mine working over the weekend.

My biggest beef is the new connectors / cables - they are diabolical. The video shows how easy to do it on a hard surface but good luck trying to unplug once it’s mounted using the squishy tape. I suggest using micro-JST connectors that still fit well but don’t have the crazy locking mechanism.

  1. yes the 433 3DR radio will work but you’ll need to make your own cable. viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5426
  2. yes, the current ext GPS/mag sensor works - just make sure you select it when calibrating - not the one onboard the pixhawk.
  3. not sure about PX4FLOW but I’ll let you know how I go with Pixy once it arrives. kickstarter.com/projects/254 … ion-sensor


I did not see a selection option for the internal or external compass when I set up my external compass. I thought I read somewhere that selection of the external compass was automatic.

Have I missed something somewhere or is my memory playing tricks again?


Hi Pseddon,

Yes selection of external compass is automatic, you don’t need to do anything, if it is there it is automatically selected.

Lots of people are less than thrilled with the DF13 connectors, but the fact is they are probably the best connector available for us.

They provide very positive retention and signal integrity in a small package and we have a lot of connectors on that board so really need small connectors.

Most other connectors the same size pull apart easier (but also on their own) and / or do not maintain as solid a signal connection.

And on a flight controller there is no margin for a flaky signal.

In spite of the video showing them easily being “popped” out by hand, I use an Exacto knife to lift one end and then the other carefully pulling to get them loose and out.

I have not yet had any mechanical or wiring problems removing them this way. :wink:

Best Regards,


I have a pixhawk and px4flow but am unable to find out anything about connecting them together. Have you had any further success with this? It is implied (in my mind at least) that the px4flow is supported by arducopter by this pageand several references in change logsand considering pixhawk is basically a px4.

Some clarification on this subject would be good, especially as I have several hundred dollars of equipment I’d like to put to use on a project using flow.