Pixhawk and Sonar in AUTO MODE

Hi all,

I would ask you if there is a chance to enable sonar alt (or any other rangefinder altitude) while performing an AUTO mission.
We need to operate an auto grid flying over a sloping field a few meters from the ground.
Holding the barometric altitude doesn’t help.
Sonar or laser SF02 works great, but we need to fly in auto mode, not in loiter or alt hold.

Many thanks for any suggestion.
Best regards,

I’m afraid that is not possible with AC3.2. Terrain following and object avoidance are tentatively on the to-do list for AC3.3 although I can’t 100% promise anything yet.

Hi rmackay9, thank you for reply!!

Sonar or Laser rangefinders works really well in AC 3.2, but only in Loiter or AltHold.

It seems not very difficult implement the same altitude estimation (used in AltHold or Loiter) during an auto mission, I’m wrong?

Thank you again,