PixHawk and s-Bus from OrangeRX Receiver - channels wrong


I am trying to configure PixHawk to use the S-Bus input from an OrangeRx 9 channel receiver. I can successfully configure a DSM2 satellite on the PixHawk, but I want more range so I would prefer to use the main receiver with two satellites into the PPM input.

I already had to work through the incorrect PixHawk manual, which tells the user to connect the S-Bus output to the S-Bus connector on the Pixhawk, which is evidently an ‘output’. I used a circuit tester to establish both that there was no 5V provision on that connector as well as that there was a consistent signal coming from my S-Bus output on the receiver.

Then I came to the forum and found out that the manual was wrong and that you have to connect S-Bus to the PPM input. I did that I now have a new problem - some of the channel assignments are now incorrect. The throttle is mapped to roll, pitch is mapped to throttle and roll is mapped to pitch. The other channels seem to be correct.

Is there any fix for this? I haven’t found any other solution on the forum,

Thanks in advance.


You can use the RCMAP_PITCH, RCMAP_ROLL, RCMAP_THROTTLE, and RCMAP_YAW parameters to change the R/C receive input mapping.

Excellent, thanks TCIII, will try that on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend