Pixhawk and Raspberry pi Communication Link

I was connected all stuff using this thread https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/raspberry-pi-via-mavlink.html
But there are some charchters passing what is this problem ? so much worried about that plz help

That represents corrupted packets. As long as there’s not too much of it, should not be an issue. If you are getting the corruption more continuously, try a lower baud rate.

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Thanks for the reply is there are a rated baudrate for the Raspberry im using 3 B+

I’ve done up to 921600 and 1500000 with no issues.

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Thank You Im Planning to get my telemetry data via 4g/3g network using mavlink is it possible to connect QGC and Pixhawk + RPI3 in the LTE network ?

Yes. You will need to use a VPN or similar to connect the ground station and Pi over the Internet. The Zerotier service is a good option for this.

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Is there a thread or discussion that has the instructions to do that ?

Zerotier is really easy to setup. It is available for android, apple, linux, windows, etc. Install it on both the RPi and your GCS device. Then you have to create an account on zerotier.com, login and create a network. Networks can be public (any host knowing the Network ID can join) or private (host must be allowed to join the network).
Copy the network ID and add both devices to it. On Windows there is a GUI for that on linux/RPi you have to use the command line by entering zerotier-cli join “network-id”.
If both devices have internet access, they should get an IP from the range you selected for the network. From there on, everything works like a normal ethernet connection.

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Thank you that works