Pixhawk and powerbox

Hey guy’s,

I’m an aviation student and I’m currently an intern at a company that is exploring the potentials of UAV’s. My project is to make a Decathlon 122’’ plane from RC pilot ready to fly with various payloads. I’ve been given a Pixhawk autopilot which will be the flight controller of the plane. They have also given me a Competition SRS powerbox system that we want to use to distribute power through the plane.

Here are my questions:
Are these two systems compatible? How can I power my Pixhawk from the powerboxsystem? Can the signals from the receivers plugged in to the powerbox be directed to the pixhawk? What are my best options for directing the control outputs of the pixhawk to the servos? I’ve searched on the web and in the manuals but I couldn’t find any information.

Thanks for the help!
Grtz Viktor

Independently of servos you need to power Pixhawk with reliability and redundancy, while feeding the electronics aside of it : telemetry, receiver, eventual cameras, etc.
I designed a board just for that which is available now. Take a look: