Pixhawk and mission planner and Telemetry

Hello everyone,

Using telemetry (3dr radios), is it possible to change to a new mission (different waypoints) in the air once a set of waypoints had been issued on the ground?

I asked because I have been reading the forums, but I have not found much info on this. I don’t want to use Mavlink, juts telemetry to update/change waypoints in the air. If so, can you please direct me to the right links?

Thanks for any information provided on this question.

Yes, you can interrupt a mission and place in waypoints in it. This can only be done with Mavlink though.

Have you look at the Drone Kit. This provide simple example even of taking off and flying to a waypoint.



Thanks for the response. I went over some of the documentation on dronekit.io/, but I don’t get to find documentation to send a simple change of waypoints in the air via telemetry. I have been reading the Mavlink documentaion, but how do I get to set up the environment to add all the different libraries. I just want to change waypoints in the air.

Thanks for directing me to a link or for giving me some instruction how to get started.