Pixhawk and MinimumOSD

I’ve read multiple stories on multiple boards and haven’t seen anything that is current, so here’s my question:

Does the 3dr minimumOSD work with the latest (release) version of Pixhawk/Mission Planner/APM?

If so, does it require any special instructions or modifications?

Thank you in advance.

The minimOSD is supported for the Pixhawk.
There is a modification that can be performed in order to connect it.
However this longer applies to new minimOSD kits, as they are now including the required cable.

Here you’ll find a guide: drive.google.com/file/d/0B-1n5t … sp=sharing.

The cable is now available:
store.3drobotics.com/products/o … r-pixhawk/

So with the supplied cable, can I just plug the MinimOSD into the Telem2 port (I have the radio connected to Telem1) and go with it? Would any other modifications be necessary?

No hardware changes are required. You may need to enable the required serial messages from Mission Planner

I am not able to find any documentation on how to enable telemetry port 2. can you give further instructions/ guidance.

RTF 3d Aero
Pixhawk OSD cable from 3Dr
3Dr minimosd plugged into telemetry port 2
Arduplane version 3.03 (latest)


I do have this working with the PIXHAWK,

Indeed Radio on Telem1 (serial 1) and MinimOSD on Telem2 (serial 2)

Original I had a problem to make the OSD to start when I didn’t had the MP connected by using the Radio…

You can fix that by adding Both Transmit and Receive lines from the OSD, so the OSD starts requesting the stream… And this works perfectly in the field…

I am running 3.15 at this moment…