Pixhawk and microhard interfacing problem

I am using wireless device pair called ‘microhard pmddl2550’ which transmits vedio as well as telemetry data for control signals to mission planner. The problem is that i am receiving vedio but the mavlink connection with the mission planner is causing problem. For connecting pixhawk telem2 port and microhard rs232 port i have used rs232 to TTL converter.
Has anyone used this device and encountered this problem.


Have you been able to make this work? We are planning something similar and wanted to know your feedback.

We use a companion computer and route the mavlink on the ip connection in udp. Serial connection was not all that stable.

Hi, sorry to bump up a year old thread but, but the microhard radios are connected using serial and i can send and receive messages properly using terminal. the mavlink messages are coming in from the px4 too but the mission planner just says timeout as it is unable to detect the heartbeat … can any one share the setup and setting that made it work on the serial as i don’t have a companion computer on board.