Pixhawk and Hitec Aurora 9

Has any one managed to get these two to arm successfully?

Yours Simon M.

Here is a wiki link as to what is known to work with the Pixhawk: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-pixhawk-and-px4-compatible-rc-transmitter-and-receiver-systems/ Unless your Aurora 9 receiver has a PPM output, which I do not think it does, you are going to have to use an encoder.

I forgot to mention I do use a PPM converter, and I’m able to pass the radio calibration in both APM & Mission planners setups.
You can see from the attached images I can get a decent range from all seven channels, but unable to pass the verification test.

Yours Simon M.

Getting very desperate now!
Just received the FrSKY Delta 8, linked to my Aurora 9, and can now see 8 channels on the setup(s).
The Delta 8 has both the red & green led’s on indicating its recieiving signal and generating PPM output, as confirmed by the setup.

What do I do next!
How do I read the logs, as there is no error message’s on the PC?

Yours Simon M.

ArduCopter 3.1.2
Mission Planner 1.2.97, Build

Finally got it to arm.

The solution was to remove the I2C breakout board. So possible its a duff lead?

Yours Simon M.

Hello samarkh,
I’m thinking about using the Pixhawk on a F550.
I’ve got an Hitec Aurora 9 and I’m trying to see if I won’t get any surprise once I get the Pixhawk.

Do I need to upgrade my Hitec Aurora9 transmitter ?? ( and so buy the HPP22 stuff to upgrade ?
Do I need the ppm encoder ? I guess I sure need it
Do I need a new rc receiver such as the FrSky Delta 8 2.4Ghz ? Actually I’ve got te Optima 9 AFHSS
It seems that you had some issues and the solution was to remove the I2C breakout board. I don’t get what you did exactly. What is the I2C breakout board you’re talking about ?
Is it a wire coming out the ppm encoder and going to the Pixhawk ?

Thanking you very much for considering my questions.
Best regards