PixHawk and DJI E300 ESC's


Noob questions:

I’m assembling a DJI F550 frame with the new E300 propulsion system also from DJI, with a PixHawk.

On the APM flight controller we can define the speed in Hertz that ESCs will receive updates (RC_SPEED parameter). Any guidance for the E300 ESC’s ? Also any guidance regarding max and min range in ms for the Throttle operation ?

I’m using a Spektrum DX9 radio with an OrangeRX R800x receiver, which is plugged to the SBus port on the PixHawk.

When I plugged all together - i.e. the PixHawk to the ESC’s, and before activating the safety switch the combo ESC/Motors beep in a pattern that indicates abnormal signal. After I activate the safety switch the beeping disappears but I had to raise the lower limit of the Throttle Channel to +/- 1100ms, because below that value the motors twitch irregularly.

I’ve read some threads with similar symptoms to these but with different results/solution to what I’ve managed.

Is this an expected result, or am I doing something wrong raising the lower timming of the throttle channel?

You shouldn’t play with the trims on the transmitter for any FC.

Maybe I wasn’t clear.

I didn’t mess with trims. I adjusted the travel limits of the throttle channel and recalibrated again on the PixHawk. So that my throttle channel at the PixHawk now is minimum at 1120ms at max at 1940ms

Ah. Sorry about that.

That is OK then.

on the Pixhawk the maximum RC_SPEED is 400Hz
We still use RC_SPEED = 490 from the APM, but the Pixhawk tops out at 400

Thanks Craig

the 400Hz for the ESC’s was also the guidance I had from DJI for the new E300 ESC’s.