Pixhawk and Development

  1. Have a Pixhawk-based Hex that’s working great.

  2. I have the development platform (Eclipse) loaded

  3. I can successfully rebuild the platform

  4. I think I see where you can do a custom upload in Mission Planner

Could someone please point me to:

  1. A good overview of the Architecture? Like a “Getting Started” guide?

  2. A best practices guide on how to do development on top of the standard code.

  3. A lesson on how to continuously refresh/update the source code from the repository

  4. Any advice on how to develop my own modules, yet merge them with refreshes from the repository (is there a way to combine custom modules with the standard code)?

Thank you in advance – this board has been fantastic with its support!

Unfortunately the introduction to developers is probably the most neglected part of our site at the moment
You can get involved here


and here


and here


Is there anything in particular that you are wanting to work on?

I would be interested in a few areas:

  1. Image/pattern recognition through a camera feed – it would be nice to be able to auto-recognize things around the drone.

  2. Obstacle detection and avoidance. I’d like to install a sonar sensor or maybe even something more precise like a laser range finder. It’s my understanding there’s a standard sonar detector that is already available for low-altitude use. I’ll probably start with that.

  3. General use of the additional PWM outputs on the Pixhawk. It would be nice to run servos off those outputs to control other mechanical items.

I really need to bone-up on Git. From what I understand, it can download a fresh copy of the latest build source code (or for example, the latest stable or beta release). But what I don’t understand is how custom programming would be integrated into that code base. Would that be a separate set of source code files? Would I take the standard code and make calls into the new library I wrote?

I’ll keep reading. Thank you for the assistance.

What exactly does the 3DR PX4FLOW do?

It appears to be a camera but also has built-in sonar.

  1. Can that sonar be used for landing assistance?

  2. How does the camera interface with the Pixhawk?

  3. Could that camera be accessed through custom code to do image recognition?

That gadget may be exactly what I’m looking for. One of my projects is to build an optically-detectable fiduciary marker for an enhanced RTL mode. It would use GPS to get back to the general area, then use the camera and sonar to land precisely on a designated marker on the ground.