Pixhawk after 3.2.1

Upgraded firmware to 3.2.1 and the machine that previously flew well has all kinds of new crazy behaviours…,

1.) In stabilize, the roll, and pitch are OCCASIONALLY off by 45 degrees. In other words, pitch forward and it will actuall pitch 45 right
2.) In stabilize all power is severely limited. Not enough to actually fly
3.) Switch to alt hold or loiter and there are no pitch or roll controls period. Mission planner shows the bars moving by way of telemetry but no response passed thru to motors
4.) switch channel 8 which is actually configured to ‘do nothing’ and alt hold and loiter will respod to pitch and roll but 45 degrees out (as with stabilize). Also no power to actually fly
5.) recalibrated compass…no change
6.) recalibrated radio…no change

Remember this machine used to fly well. Just went haywire all of a sudden.

-Tarot 680pro hexacopter

-FRSKY D82 reciever
-9XR radio
-3DR mower module
-3dr PPM encoder

-UBLOX external GPS


Observed behaviour vs expected:
-In stabilize, throttle up to full only results in partial throttle. Expected result = full throttle
-In alt hold, throttle up to full results in further dimished result. Expected behaviour is that it responds to inputs
-In stabilize a command to pit forward results in an offset pitch 45 degrees right. Expected result is pitch forward 0 degrees error
-In alt hold pitch and roll are disabled or not working. Expected result is that they work

-Pixhawk 3.2.1
-Radio turnigy 9 xr
-Transmitter module DJT
-Receiver FRSKY D82
-PPM encoder
-GPS/COMPASS = 3dr supplied Ublox

after this a bench test shows all problems possibly resolved although we are exceedingly nervous to let this bird take to the skies. Why would it take on this erroneous behaviour on its own?

Without a dataflash log of the erroneous behavior, that’s pretty much impossible to say.