Pixhawk AC3.3rc5, RC_9 Missing Parameters for landing gear?

Hello All,
I just installed a Pixhawk on my new hexacopter, Tarot680Pro with AC_3.3rc5, (I’m used to my APM 2.6, so this thing is amazing). I set up and installed retracts, works great when signal is connected to AUX4 on the RX. (Did the set it up of retracts on TX/RX on my quad while waiting for parts to come in for new hexacopter. After I ordered the Pixhawk, I found out that ac3.3 supports landing gear connected directly to the Pixhawk, so I followed wiki page on setting up and adjusting parameters once I got everything built/calibrated

[color=#0000FF]http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/ common-optional-hardware/landing-gear/[/color]

Connected retracts to AUX 1, (BEC Power from my ESC’s, Turnigy AE-30), set CH7 to Landing gear, set LGR__SERVO_DEPLOY and LGR_SERVO_RETRACT etc. Problem is, it says to set up RC_9 function to option 29 ‘landing gear’, I don’t have option 29 in the RC_9 Functions, only goes to option 27. Am I missing something, or do I have the wrong firmware rev.? Pretty sure I’m running 3.3rc5

Side note, I have the gear set up to the RX right now, works great, First flight was yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised when the gear deployed automatically when I switched flight mode to RTL, but I think that is probably due to the RX fail safes I set up.

Thanks For y’alls help,

I’ve had a few people message me regarding the landing gear solution on 3.3rc5.
As of now, I’m using output 4 on my receiver for the signal (white wire only), set up in my controller menu for the switch I wanted to use, and power from pixhawk rail, (have my BLheli flashed, turnigy AE30a esc’s connected to pixhawk, so rail is powered by ESC’s built-in BEC).
Works great, no brownouts, etc. Just make sure you power the servo rail with a BEC/ESC, other wise I don’t think it would work, or if it did work it probably will damage the pixhawk, or at least induce a brownout, which dependind on altitude, will damage everything, lol.
I’m sure the developers are working on a solution, cause I think the pixhawk controlled landing gear in auto would be really cool.
Good luck all. Fly safe.


I have the same problem.

I just installed a Pixhawk on my new Tarot650 sport with AC_3.3rc7 and spektrum satelite. Everythingh works fine exept for landing gear. I folow the wiki, but I cannot set CH7 to Landing gear because is not apear in menu. May be i missed something it’s my first Pixhawk.
If somebody have an idea.
Best regards

I believe it is a mission planner issue not a Arducopter issue.

I am successfully using landing gear, but, you have to set it in the advanced params, not in the basic setup page. Just set it as the wiki describes and it should work.

Many thanks.

I did an update with beta version from mission planer and all is working perfect.

Thank you very much. I can go to bed:)

Hello all. First time posting on a forum, but I am rather stuck. If I have this in the wrong spot, I apologize, but I have searched all over this forum, and others, and this seems to be the closest post to my issue.

I have downloaded the latest beta version of mission planner just today, and have followed the instructions for setting up my retractable landing gear. I am not sure what kind they are, (they were hand-me-downs) but I think they are similar to Tarot680Pro. I have it connected to Aux1 on the Pixhawk. I have RC_9 Function to 29, and the Ch7 Opt to Landing Gear, however I am missing the “LGR_SERVO_DEPLOY” and “LGR_SERVO_RTRACT” parameters in the All Parameter List in order to appropriately adjust the pwm.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but I am using the FrSky X8R reciever, and it is bound with 16 channels.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty new to multirotors, so I my have missed something, but I am pretty sure that I have not.

Thank You!!


Did you ever get an answer to the missing LGR_SERVO_DEPLOY. I have the same issue .