Pixhawk 6x mini + Mini F45A 4IN1 ESC

I’m building a drone, I have a pixhawk 6x mini and a Mini F45A 4IN1 ESC.
I connected the 4 cables from my ESC to the FMU PWM OUT port of my pixhawk but nothing works when I test the motors on qgroundcontrol.
Can someone help me please?

That TMotor ESC runs BLHeli_32 right? Do the motors beep when you connect the battery?

  1. I dont know
  2. yes, just the “tu tu tu” but not the “tu tu tu, tu -tuuu” :rofl:

You have this one? The T-Motor Mini F45A 6S BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC

Do you have the Bdshot version of firmware on the 6C?
Attach the parameter file.

What Dave said, please post your params file.

Assuming it’s a BLHeli32 ESC:
Tu-tu-tu is good, means the motors and ESCs are working. The missing tu-tuuu means that no throttle signal is detected. I’m guessing you don’t have DShot set in your parameters and the ESC needs calibration for the default PWM mode. Don’t bother with calibrating it, set DShot.

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I have this one : :point_down:
T-Motor Mini F45A + MiniF7 Stack - Drone-FPV-Racer.com

What is dshot pls ? By the way, my stack is :
T-Motor Mini F45A + MiniF7 Stack - Drone-FPV-Racer.com

Then why did you say you have a Pixhawk 6x mini?
You have this? Stack
That Flight Controller isn’t even supported by Ardupilot.

Because im only using the esc not the fc.
I saw i have a blheli32
I change the servo dshot esc in the setting in blheli 32

Attach the parameter file to your next post before asking any more questions. And if you do post a link at least make it to the actual product page not a main website. Like this ESC

Sorry i thought the link was working, this one probably is okay :

Also, i dont understand wich setting you want me to share

All of them.

Go to mission planner → config → full parameter list, click the “save to file” button in the top right corner, post this file

Im using qgroundcontrol😅

Look here then how to save aparam file: Parameters | QGC Guide (4.3)

Btw I have no idea about QGC and have never used it. Finding this link took me about 10 second on Google.

Thanks, you can download it here :

You can have my settings files on qgroundcontrol here :

Configure for Dshot. For future questions you can Google search for the Wiki Entry. In this case “arducopter dshot” and you will see this at the top of the list: Dshot

There is a link there for bidirectional Dshot also. Click that and learn more.

Thanks for your help