Pixhawk 6X and power module


I’m assembling a hexa drone with a Pixhawk 6X flight controller, a set of 6x T-motor MN501-S KV300 motors, ESC 40A, 20 "propellers and a Tattu 6S1P 16000mAh. I think the MTOM will be 9kg.

I have a question, what power board do you recommend for Pixhawk 6X?

The ESC comes with 14AWG wires, also the dedicated Holybro PM03D has Amass XT30 connectors soldered on, which are too small for 14AWG wires and their current efficiency is too low.

Its rated for 60a continuous and 120a for les than a minute. What will your combined 6 escs draw at hover? Maybe the copter will be too heavy for the board? Says its designed for a 500 size

In the specs for the PM02D it states the different wire size and the relating current rating.
I’ve already made some enquiries and appears if you need higher rating in regards to wires and plugs you’ll need to solder them yourself (Just done that as well).

Also keep in mind that it is a digital version and not like so many other PM’s out there just an analog signal.

But with the PM03D it may be a problem due to the tracks on the board - not sure. You might have to go with the PM02D instead and change the wires & plugs.

I also had a look at the Mauch PM’s but appears there is currently nothing suitable for the 6X.