Pixhawk 4 wiring to receiver binding with R9M 2019

I have a Jumper T18 radio that I use with a built-in jp5 in 1 module with a FrSky R9 Slim+ receiver ACCST (no OTA).
I noticed that telemetry works for a short range, recently I flew to an altitude of 120m and telemetry began to lose range. I decided to buy the FrSky R9 2019 ACCESS module and install ACCST on it. I have FLEX software on my receiver and transmitter now. After binding the transmitter to the receiver, telemetry works, but channels do not work. The R9M 2019 module binds to the receiver, but only reads telemetry, in Mission Planner I cannot do a radio calibration because channels are not read.
The wiring is the same as for the module built into the radio.

My flight controller is Holybro Pixhawk 4, pins:
-DSM / SBUS RC (FC) is connected to SBUS OUT (RX)
-TELEM1 (FC) is connected to the S-PORT (RX) via the Yapuu telemetry cable.

Do you think this is a question of settings in Mission Planner?