Pixhawk 4 Mini + Yaapu telemetry

Having partially changed my mind over starting out with a Pixracer, I’ve been looking at the Pixhawk 4 Mini and wondered if anyone is using it with Yaapu telemetry. What I thought is with only one telemetry port ‘Telemetry 1’ on the Pixhawk mini would this be an issue as Yaapu appears to use tele2 ? - I’m guessing it could be changed in Mission Planner.

You could use Telemetry 1 but there are 2 anyway.

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I just came across that same page and answered my own question - I didn’t realise it had two Telemetry ports - thanks anyway !

Your post on another thread mentioned about the Pixracer clones issues, so I started looking at other options and the Pixhawk 4 mini seemed to fit. TELE1 could be for an esp8266 Wifi config and Tele2 for Yaapu telemetry.