Pixhawk 4 mini using CAN bus to HERE GPS 2 not working

I have been reading through all the forums on initial problems people have been having with the latest HERE GPS that uses UAVCAN bus to use the led and gps. When I first got my gps I tried to use it with my pixhawk 4 mini running the latest version of arduplane and then tried to run the beta. I found that the firmware initially shipped on the here 2 had huge problems for both i2c and can. I tried to use the pixhawk 4 mini to update the firmware which can only be done over can. I ended up getting the update on the here 2 by using a pixracer. The here 2 now works awesome with the pixracer but does not work on the pixhawk 4. Is there a known problem with the pixhawk 4 not fully supporting can?

Update - I do realize that the only version of Ardupilot that will allow the SLCan interface to update the firmware on the Here2 is Arducopter. After updating the Here2 on Arducopter through the PixRacer and then loading the latest version of Arduplane on the PixRacer Arduplane does work using CAN to the GPS, LEDs, and Compass. Using the same CAN config on the Pixhawk 4 Mini the GPS, Compass, and LEDs do not work. Both FCs are using the same physical wiring as well.