pixhawk 4 mini first flight unstable

i did my first test fly it when crazy unstable and land down hard …few times i did the fly test and it same …when it took off from ground started to going crazy flying up down left right by it self …
The installation is with quadcopter x and gps is place beside the fc pixhawk 4 mini …is this ok or im wrong for this installation ???
The calibration and the flight controller orientation of yaw= 270* is prefect no error and problem …remote controller radiomaster TX16S and receiver frsky RX8R pro Need some help here …tqvm

i have the flight log

Please post the logs

hello friend …where to post the log file and this is the msg i get when i want to post it

here is the link friend https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=731c68b2-73ba-447e-88e4-67f54f95fc9b


It seems you’re using PX4 firmware, so need to ask at discuss.px4.io
Good luck!