Pixhawk 4 MINI - Boot Mode/ DFU-Mode - How to?

Hi everyone,

how can get into the boot mode /dfu Mode on the Pixhawk 4 mini? do i have to connect pins with each other? I have a really big problem with the firmware of Ardupilot. I cant update because something is missing or deleted. thas why i want to put manually the complete firmware with bootloader into th e Pixhawk 4 mini.

well I think that you don’t need use dfu mode for reflash the board coz you can access the debug port jtag/swd pinout.

what is the debug port jtag/swd that you mean?

i think it’s located inside the cover…

Wich one do you mean?

The one located on the top of the board near the rst switch

ok and what shoud i do with it?

For reflash the bootloader… you need the correct cable or you can do a DIY cable for connect it to an stlink dongle and with stlink tool you can reflash… erase… debug what you need

i do not own a stlink dongle. is there another way that you know? Do you now hot to get to the dfu boot mode?

personally i don’t use dfu mode., maybe you can use ftdi cable to access the reflash but i don’t remember if the board support it

ok i have “build” a cable. i connect it to PC but nothing happens. No LED nothing. am i doing something wrong? what should i do next?

Try flashing the firmware you want with QGroundControl. Connect and make the approproate selection from Firmware Setup.
This example is installing the current Stable version of Arducopter on a Kakute F7 board. Make the selections for your board.

For Access dfu just use the standard usb cable… you don’t need a DIY cable,… looking around for dfu mode you must use zadig… looking around Internet you can find many tutorials.
The alternative is also use stlink dongle for use sed/jtag pin.
i must test an alternative… flash the board with the bootloader using the SD card… i. must test but i must write some parameters for be sure

This is not working because the .apj file needs a firmware on the controller to upgrade. but when the firmware is broken, then this is not working. → parameter_xml AND airframe_xml are missing!

zadig is not working when i dont put the controler in the dfu Mode. betaflight ant stm32cubeprogramm are not working either. all of them requiers the boot dfu mode. I have everything here in fron of me:

standart usb, stling dongle, ftdi cable, all programms

i cant find a tutorial for the Pixhawk 4 MINI! if you have one please sent me.

I dont know what to do

Consult ST Microelectronics documents, application notes and utilities about DFU mode, specially for the microprocessor used on that FC.

just purchase an stlink dongle… its easy to find and fast.
I will test if its possible flash the bootloader using the SD card

So I’ve done a test with my pixracer… I was able flash the bootloader using the sd card.
previously you said you own the stlink dongle… just build a diy cable so you can flash the bootloader on your board

finaly i did it. but not with the v 4.1 but with v 4.07 of the firmware. The resent release may have lots of bugs maybe. Thank you very much.

I flash all fc with 4.1.0 without any issue… be careful when you flash firmware on fc and never use the optio force bootloader